Greetings from Mrs. Joanie Jacka,

             Supreme Worthy Advisor

Joanie Jacka, Supreme Worthy Advisor 2018-2020The excitement is building… Can you feel it in the air? Can you see it on all the social media sites? Have you made your reservations for our 48th Biennial Sessions of Supreme Assembly?

In Nevada, and in the Grand Jurisdictions who have so generously offered to host a meal or event, the excitement is ramping up more each day. We are all busy on decorations, meal arrangements, tours, fun night, a social media wall, on-line registration – and so many more details, each of which will make your stay with us an OUTSTANDING experience.

We are working hard on the preparations and the details of these “Friendships Bloom Where Rainbow Is Planted” sessions. We have shortened the number of days for this session to make it more affordable to girls and their families, and we are filling every minute of each session…. Hopefully with some great and interesting program material.

As a member of IORG, if you have a special talent you would like to share, please email the Supreme Office,, with those details. If you would like to be a member of the Supreme Choir, please let your Jurisdictional Supreme Officer know before April – she/he has to turn those names into the office. You do not have be able to sing solos – you do need to be able to carry a tune and want to have lots of fun. A long white (preferably cotton) dress is required. If you want to participate in the Supreme Ritual Competition, that information also needs to be submitted to your Jurisdictional Officer soon…. Those details are also on this site under

Most of our guests will arrive on Friday, July 24th, because all practices and Ritual Competition are on Saturday. For the time you are not committed to these activities, you can enjoy the beautiful Peppermill swimming pools, work out room, arcade, etc. OR you can attend the Supreme Family Meeting – at the posted times. If you want to observe how the “business” of Rainbow is accomplished, feel free to join us. There will be “rules” about observing those meetings, which will be available in your registration package, but basically: NO cell phones or electronics will be permitted in the room; you may enter with your registration badge and hotel room key only; you may not address the body; you may not interrupt your Supreme Officer; you may attend in Rainbow Casual attire, and be seated in the designated areas on the sidelines; you may come and go as you please, as long as you cause no interruption to the work we have to do.

After the Supreme Installation of Officers on Tuesday, Nevada will offer several tours; each will provide a great opportunity to see and enjoy our beautiful northern Nevada. Be sure to check them out:

I am joined by every member and adult of Nevada Grand Assembly in welcoming you to our sessions. I hope to see YOU there.

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