Greetings from Mrs. Joanie Jacka,

             Supreme Worthy Advisor

Joanie Jacka, Supreme Worthy Advisor 2018-2020Welcome to our new site designed just for Supreme Assembly 2020 – to help each of our guests enjoy a wonderful event! We hope you check this site often to stay informed as our committees continue their planning and implementation. Many jurisdictions have volunteered to host events and activities which we know every member will enjoy!

I would like to share my personal gratitude and appreciation to every person who continues to support every Rainbow Girl in the world. Each member and adult plays an important role in helping our members truly become the leaders of tomorrow. I also want to thank each of you who have supported, guided and mentored me in this journey. I am honored and humbled beyond words, and I will continue to work “every day” to make our Rainbow a better organization.

I am excited to announce a new membership and service program, along with a “no work” Capital Campaign – Part 2 which will continue to support the needs of our beautiful IORG Temple in McAlester.

I am excited for our Supreme Officers elected and appointed to serve with me, and want to congratulate those recently elected as Supreme Inspectors and the House of Gold. And I am grateful to all who have accepted committee assignments and look forward to their many accomplishments.

Membership and service to others are the foundation of our Order. Upon these, we have formed the seven beautiful lessons and the insightful messages from our Assembly Line Officers that we hear at each Initiation. Our lessons and experiences in Rainbow help us form our “moral compass” … that personal set of values and objectives that guide us to live with ethical behavior and decision making skills. We each are better individuals because of our Rainbow experiences.

To that end, we always want to invite others to join our Order and then to share these values and experiences with them.  Many times, we “teach by example” so as we perform service to others, we are indeed teaching not just the recipient of the service, but our entire group and community how to do better and be better.

The 2018-2020 “Friendship Blooms Where Rainbow Is Planted” Membership and Service program is an easy way to promote and recognize membership and community service.

I have a vision – that each member and adult worker and supporter has an opportunity to grow and succeed, and to plant seeds for the next generation. Please join me as we explore our “Friendships Bloom Where Rainbow Is Planted” journey.

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